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  Founded in 1997, Jiangyin Hualei Metal Processing and Sales Co., Ltd. covers an area of 16,000 square meters and employs about 100 people, including more than 20 managers and technicians. The company obtained ISO 9001:2008 quality management system in August 2009, and many patents of elliptical tube processing technology in 2018, and was approved to establish "Jiangyin City elliptical tube automatic forming system engineering technology research center", won the honorary title of small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province. The company specializes in the sales and processing of BS700MC, B750LD (BS700MCK2), T700L, B510L, M510L, Q345, Q235, 201, 304, 316L and other high-strength steels and stainless steels for 20 years. It has small retail sales, wholesale coils, steel plate zero cutting, fixed length leveling as its sales characteristics, supporting laser cutting, shear bending, stamping, welding. The modern processing service of joining and assembling, surface treatment, packing and distribution has solved the waste caused by the customers having to buy the whole volume because of the small quantity of purchasing and the problem that it is difficult to find a matching high strength steel plate processing enterprise with mature experience in a short time. Jiangyin Hualei's one-stop customized purchasing, selling and processing features To stand out, not only a wide sales network, but also adequate inventory.
  The company has large imported laser cutting machine (processing range: 25mm*12m), CNC bending machine (processing range: 6000T*14m), CNC shearing machine....

20mm*12m cutting and punching
combination machine
2.5m*12m CNC laser cutting
6000T*14m CNC bending machine 25mm*12.2m CNC cutting machine welding robot